Another Hendrix Legal Challenge

(PR) Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., has responded to a spate of recent press announcements indicating that Fuego Entertainment has acquired North American rights to over 200 live performance music tracks by Jimi Hendrix. Experience Hendrix is the company founded by the late James Allen Hendrix, the father and sole heir of Jimi Hendrix. Since 1995, Experience Hendrix has owned and administered all the music and related rights created by the legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter Jimi Hendrix.

Experience Hendrix is familiar with the material acquired by Fuego: it is a collection of inferior quality bootleg recordings of Jimi Hendrix previously marketed in the UK by the now defunct record company Purple Haze Records. During the past several years Experience Hendrix filed legal actions in the UK against Purple Haze and its affiliates, and won several UK court judgments which held that Purple Haze had no legal rights to release these recordings, and enjoined any further release of same. On May 24 of last year, the Court of Appeal in London upheld the 2006 decision of the English High Court rejecting the claims of Purple Haze's purported licensor John Hillman to ownership of interests in the music of Jimi Hendrix.

It appears that Fuego Entertainment has purchased the discredited claims and inferior copies of Hendrix recordings from Hillman and/or Purple Haze and intends to resume their unauthorized distribution. Experience Hendrix serves notice that it will take all legal action necessary to remove this bootleg material from the market and recover damages against Fuego Entertainment and associated parties for infringement as authorized under applicable law.

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