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(PR) Mortification, Australia's most successful extreme metal band, now in their 18th year, is breaking into the metal scene in Europe once again. Under the license from
Nuclear Blast Records, Metal Mind Productions will be re-issuing 9 Mortification titles in a deluxe digipak format. The list include following albums: "Scrolls of The Megilloth", "Post Momentary Affliction", "Blood Wold", "Primitive Rhythm Machine", "Envision Evangelene", "Triumph of Mercy", "Hammer Of God", "The Silver Cord Is Severed" (expanded with additional CD "10 Years Live Not Dead") plus a DVD entitled "Conquer The World".

Mortification is well known for their fun approach to a combination of death metal, thrash, grindcore and Blitzkrieg classic metal. The power trio lead by front man/bassist/ vocalist Steve Rowe are unique in the metal scene. Focusing on lyrical subjects such as faith, religion, humanitarian causes and positive life choices, Mortification certainly have a positive approach to their extreme metal onslaught. With Rowe & guitarist Mick Jelinic now getting into their 40's they still manage to continue gaining more and more teenage fans every year to add to their long time fans. This appeal to youth seems to stem from many young people looking for heavy music without the dark themes. Rowe has toured relentlessly throughout the 18 years he has fronted Mortification, taking in their home land of Australia each year. Also beyond Australia and Europe, Mortification has toured extensively in the US, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and New Zealand, taking ground that no other Australian metal band has ever seen. Having 13 studio albums, 4 official live albums and a coming 4th DVD release there seems no slowing down for the Australian 3 piece. For a unique mix of extreme metal styles with a unique lyrical approach and street level credibility, Mortification looks set to continue to conquer the world for many years to come. One of Metal Mind's re-issues from the Nuclear Blast back catalogue is the "Conquer The World" DVD, which documents Mortification's 2001 world tour with bonus footage from a packed out show in Australia in 2002.

Classic material from Nuclear Blast archives will be available in a new digipak edition, limited to numerated 2000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc. The release date for the CD re-issues is set for 11th February in Europe and 15th April in USA (via MVD), while "Conquer The World" DVD will be out on 25th February in Europe / 13th May in USA (via MVD).

"Blood World" (remastered + bonus tracks)


1. Clan Of The Light
2. Blood World
3. Starlight
4. Your Life
5. Monks Of The High Lord
6. Symbiosis
7. Love Song
8. Live By The Sword
9. J. G. S. H.
10. Dark Allusions
Bonus tracks:
11. Altar Of God (Studio)
12. New Beginnings (Live)
13. Bloodworld (Live)
14. Entering The Eternal Dawn (Studio)

"Envision Evangelene" (remastered + bonus tracks)

1. EnVision EvAngelene
2. Northern Storm
3. Peace In The Galaxy
4. Jehovah Nissi
5. Buried Intro Obscurity
6. Chapel Of Hope
7. Noah Was A Knower
8. Crusade For The King

Bonus tracks:
9. Envision A Beginning (Live)
10. Buried In To Obscurity (Live)
11. Chapel Of Hope (Live)
12. Peace In The Galaxy (Live)

"Hammer of God" (remastered + bonus tracks)


1. Metal Crusade
2. Martyrs
3. Lock Up The Night
4. In The Woods
5. A Pearl
6. Hammer Of God
7. Liberal Mediocrity
8. Extreme Conditions
9. Ride The Light
10. D.W.A.M
11. Medley
12. God Rulz
13. At War With War (Demo Version)
14. Visited By An Angel (Demo Version)
15. Unified Truth (Demo Version)
16. Metal Crusade (Instrumental Version)

Bonus tracks:
17. Hammer Of God (Live)
18. Martyrs (Live)
19. Liberal Mediocrity (Live)

"Post Momentary Affliction" (remastered + bonus tracks)


1. Allusions From The Valles Of Darkness
2. From The Valley Of Shadows
3. Human Condition
4. Distarnish Priest
5. Black Lion Of The Mind
6. Grind Planetarium
7. Pride Sanitarium (Reprise)
8. Overseer
9. This Momentary Affliction
10. Flight Of Victory
11. Impulsation
12. Liquid Assets
13. Vital Fluids
14. The Sea Of Forgetfulness

Bonus tracks:
15. Butchered Mutilation (Studio)
16. Grind Planetarium (Live)
17. Distarnish Priest (Live)
18. From The Valley Of Shadows (Live)

"Primitive Rhythm Machine" (remastered + bonus tracks)


1. Primitive Rhythm Machine
2. Mephibosheth
3. Seen It All
4. The True Essence Of Power
5. Toxic Shock
6. 40 : 31
7. Gut Wrench
8. Confused Belief
9. Providence
10. Killing Evil
Bonus tracks:
11. Primitive Rhythm Machine (Live)
12. Mephibosheth (Live)
13. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order (Live)
14. J.G.S.H (Live)
15. Killing Evil (Live)

"Scrolls of the Megilloth" (remastered + bonus tracks)


1. Nocturnal
2. Terminate Damnation
3. Eternal Lamentation
4. Raise The Chalice
5. Lymphosarcoma
6. Scrolls Of The Megilloth
7. Death Requiem
8. Necromanicide
9. Inflamed
10. Ancient Prophecy
Bonus tracks:
11. Time Crusaders (live)
12. Inflamed (live)
13. The Destroyer Beholds (live)

"The Silver Cord Is Severed / 10 Years Live Not Dead" (remastered + bonus tracks)

CD 1 - The Silver Cord Is Severed:
1. Metal Blessing
2. Access Denied
3. Hardware
4. Bring The Joy
5. Standing At The Door Of Death
6. Whom They Would Kill
7. I Am A Revolutionary
8. Forsake The Flesh
9. Sensitive Nerve Endings
10. The Silver Cord Is Severed

Bonus tracks:
11. Priests Of The Underground (studio)
12. Purest Intent (studio)
13. 12 Men (studio)
14. I'm Not Your Commodity (studio)

CD 2 - 10 Years Live Not Dead:
1. Dead Man Walking (new song)
2. Buried Into Obscurity
3. Medley
4. MartyrS
5. Peace In The Galaxy
6. Hammer Of God
7. Influence
8. Steve Thanks
9. Mephibosheth
10. Chapel Of Hope
11. Liberal Mediocrity
12. God Rulz
13. King of Kings

"Triumph of Mercy" (remastered + bonus tracks)


1. At War With War
2. Triumph Of Mercy
3. Welcome To The Palodrome
4. From Your Side
5. Influence
6. Drain Dweller
7. Raw Is The Stonewood Temple
8. Unified Truth
9. Visited By An Angel
Bonus tracks:
10. Dead Man Walking (Studio)
11. Influence (Live)
12. God Shape Void (Studio)
13. 3 Of A Kind (Studio)

"Conquer The World" (remastered + bonus tracks)

1. Intro
2. Metal Blessing (clip)
3. South Africa
4. Europe
5. USA
6. South / latin America
7. Access Denied (clip)
8. More Of south America
9. Standing At The Door Of Death (clip)
10. Funny Stories And Bloopers
11. Outro And Spoken Credits

Bonus tracks:
Live at the Blackstump Festival, Australia 2002:
12. Metal Blessing
13. Brutal Warfare
14. Grind Planetarium
15. 3 Of a Kind

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