Jimi Hendrix Estate Fails To "Prove It's Not Jimi" In Sex Video

(Vivid) The estate of rock and roll legend Jimi Hendrix has flunked a challenge to prove that a controversial video depicting him in a sexual escapade with two women is not really him, according to Vivid Entertainment, which released the DVD in May.

Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said his offer of $100,000 to Experience Hendrix, LLC ("Experience Hendrix") expired after 60 days because the company of the legendary guitarist failed to offer verifiable proof that Hendrix is not the "star" of "Jimi Hendrix The Sex Tape."

Vivid had offered the money after Experience Hendrix which is owned by his heirs - publicly denied the tape actually showed Hendrix having sex with two unidentified brunettes.

Mr. Hirsch said: "In early May we made a good faith offer through our attorneys to pay $100,000 to Experience Hendrix if it could offer proof within 60 days that our tape was not authentic. We always knew it was real and were confident that the Hendrix heirs would be unable to substantiate their claims."

Several experts on the music scene of the 60s have supported Vivid's claim that the tape depicts the late rock 'n roll icon having sex with the women.

"I'm positive that we are viewing the real Jimi Hendrix," said Neville Chesters, road manager for Hendrix in the late 60s.

"No one can pay me any amount of money to say I saw something I didn't see and judging from having casted Jimi I'm convinced that he is indeed the man seen in this film," said Cynthia (Plaster Caster) Albritton, one of the experts who authenticated the footage and, who once held Hendrix' penis in her hands while she made a plaster cast of it.

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