Machine Head Chop Song for Video

(Metal Underground) Machine Head frontman Rob Flynn wrote to MTV's Headbanger's Blog to explain why the song "Halo" was shortened from nine minutes to five minutes for the video.

"Our friend Dean Modino at Modino Media Design was able to take these very crude, one dimensional metal carvings, bring them to life and give them some motion. He did a f**king killer job!!! While it was/is a massive bummer that we had to edit our glorious nine minute epic down to a puny five minute epic, there we're several factors that played a role.

"Basically, doing a nine minute video is like doing two videos, and financially as well as logistically, it became a nightmare. So it got chopped!! We f**king dig the sh*t out of it, though, and while it pains us more than anyone to have to remove four minutes out of our song, the video turned out f**king sick!!!!!!!! We know you guys are gonna really dig it, because we really dig it, and you all know the meticulously high standards we hold ourselves to." - more on this story

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