Pete Wentz = b*****

(antiMusic) Monday's suck, so let's have a little fun examining another reason why Pete Wentz is a b*****. Not only Ashlee's b*****, but MTV's b***** and apparently Perez Hilton's b***** as well. So yes, Wentz is one major b*****! Last week Idolator's Dan Gibson apparently upset Pete Wentz a little bit when Dan posted about Pete's new MTV show, which upset his posse. In the story, Gibson poked a little fun at Wentz, which is seems like a natural reaction, similar to a sneeze.

Gibson wrote in part, "As a follow-up to the already extensive coverage of Pete Wentz's music-saving MTV program, we can now reveal that the show has a name (albeit a terrible one, ''N MTV), a time slot, and a network-wide initiative behind it (at least for the summer)." and Gibson went on to have a little more fun at the expense of MTV's main b*****, a.k.a. Wentz.

So someone that apparently is one of Wentz's b*****es, a,k.a, posse, reportedly posted a message on meelikey.com in response to Dan's story. Now Wentz already has pretty low credibility, but when someone he is associated with ends their comments with "ps. dan gibson = a b*****, perez hilton = amazing, pete wentz = my hero," we really have to shake our heads. Perez Hilton amazing? Is there any wonder that Wentz is considered the new Fred Durst by many? - Read Dan's response (it links to the original article)

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