Why Celebs Are Junkies

(VH1) Celebrities who live their lives in the fast lane with their every move charted by the paparazzi have always seemed more vulnerable to substance abuse. But today, it seems celebrity drug and alcohol addiction has reached epidemic proportions.

Renowned addiction specialist and host of VH1's Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky, M.D. examines the root causes of celebrity addiction, the reasons behind the rise and why Hollywood is one of the toughest places to get clean in "VH1 News Presents: Dr. Drew's Celebrity Addiction Special" premiering Thursday, June 5 at 9pm. Serving as on-camera host and narrator, Dr. Drew analyzes the reasons behind the celebrity addiction epidemic. He investigates some of Hollywood's most disturbing drug stories, reveals some common celebrity personality traits that can trigger addiction behaviors, and he offers commentary on some of the most troubled celebs

Among the stars discussed in this special include Amy Winehouse, Steve O, Lindsay Lohan and the late Heath Ledger as well as new, revealing interviews with musician and recovering addict Nile Rogers, and season one Celebrity Rehab participants Seth "Shifty" Binzer and Mary Carey, who continue to battle their alcohol and drug dependencies. Finally, the program will highlight famous Hollywood sobriety success stories, such as those of Jack Osbourne, Craig Ferguson and Tom Arnold.

For more info on "VH1 News Presents: Dr. Drew's Celebrity Addiction Special" as well as uncut interviews from the broadcast with Nile Rodgers, Seth Binzer and Mary Carey, viewers can go - online

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