Albert Hammond, Jr. Preview

(PR) Following his feted 2007 solo debut Yours To Keep, Albert Hammond, Jr. and his merry men (cohorts Matt Romano, Marc Philippe Eskenazi and Josh Lattanzi) return with a new album ¿Cómo Te Llama? out July 8 on Black Seal Records.

The title, rung out of casual conversation between Albert and Matt over some vino tinto, hints at the classic, summery music held within. The record was recorded over 5 weeks at Electric Lady Studios and produced by Albert along with engineer Gus Oberg and drummer Romano.

"I'm really proud of the power this record has," says Albert. "I feel like my melodies and song arrangements have matured. Lyrically, I tried to have the words flow out more freely and not try to write one song but many. I would just sing and sing and then arrange the words afterwards."
- His publicist sent us a link to the song "GFC" for free download. Check it out.

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