Carcass DualDisc Reissue

(PR) Heartwork, the critically acclaimed album from British death metal legends Carcass, has been reissued and is available in stores in the UK/Europe now.

The classic 1993 album is the second of the five CARCASS studio albums to be reissued and comes fully remastered on a DualDisc (CD and DVD) with part 4 of a mini-documentary series entitled The Pathologist's Report as bonus video material.

The documentary consists of interviews, filmed in London and Liverpool at the end of 2007, featuring the members of Carcass - Ken Owen, Bill Steer, Jeff Walker and Michael Amott - who met up for the first time in ten years and were filmed discussing in-depth the story behind the band's development from their gore-soaked grind beginnings to the more refined melodic moments of their later output.

In addition to the bonus documentary, the Heartwork reissue also comes with an exclusive bonus CD of previously unheard pre-Heartwork demo tracks. - Check out a trailer for the documentary

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