Bangkok Five Week: Day 3 "Straight Fell Off"

(antiMusic) The Bangkok Five have been favorites of antiMusic since before they were even the Bangkok Five. We celebrate the release of the band's sophomore album, 'We Love What Kills Us,' by asking frontman Frost to give us the inside story on his five favorite tracks from the album.

Here is Frost with today's song "Straight Fell Off": Love never hurt so bad. We were on the road and were getting played by our girls back home in one way or another. Blanco's fiancÚ ran off with the singer of Spoon for a week and my lady wound up in rehab for six months for cocaine addiction.

This life takes a toll on you in the deepest of ways. I remember rehearsing this, eyes locked to my drummers while we both sat there trying not to break into fits of pathetic, furious sobbing. Blanco almost killed himself over his loss. I will never be the same as a result of my experience. It's a really honest song and I love it for that.

The album hits stores next week but you can grab a taste right now, plus get the latest on the band and more - more on this story

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