Animo Promise Real Punk On New CD

(PR) Animo gear up to release their sophomore full-length CD 'BLOOD IN THE WATER' on the bands own Sans Radicles Records with distribution through Koch Music Group, CD due to hit the street June 24.

'BLOOD IN THE WATER' features 11 solid tracks produced by (Brian Johannsen) with artwork by legendary punk rock artist Arturo Vega (who has been the Ramones art director since 1974 and designed the now famous Ramones logo).

Featuring former members of Dork this new rock carnation Animo formed in early 2007 and already has one DIY release under their belt, 'One Hope One Mind' was released in July of 2007 and charted on Billboards Heat Seekers, that along with nonstop touring has helped create a huge buzz in the band's hometown of Arvada, CO. as well as a national underground following.

A few years ago when these band-mates were just teens they drove nine hours to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to meet Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and lobbied him for a chance to perform. Despite the fact that they had no idea what Lyman looked like, luckily, drummer Jimmy Blair bumped into him. Lyman was impressed by the bands persistence and consented to let them play that day and eventually invited them to join the roving punk caravan the next year…under one condition, they put in some sweat equity, paying their way by joining the Warped Tour crew and building and tearing down stages in addition to playing everyday. The band not only survived but thrived at this punk rock summer camp and has been asked back almost every year since.

You can call Animo a proper punk band in the tradition of the Clash, Rancid and Bad Religion but the music is heavily infused with harmonic melodies, the result is an eardrum-obliterating, pulse-quickening, goosebump-inducing opus, Animo has found a way to twist punk rock into a sound the stands out.

Animo wants to have a good time with some good discussion and you'll be discussing what a good time you had despite yourself.

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