Acid Drinkers Boxset

(PR) Metal Mind Productions presents the complete discography of Acid Drinkers, one of the best metal bands from Poland! "Acid Empire - 1989 2008" box will be released on 7th July 2008 in Europe and 2nd September 2008 in USA (via MVD). Special collector's edition is limited edition of 1000 copies!!! Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process.

The deluxe box contains of 13 albums (studio and live): "Are You A Rebel?", "Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks", "Strip Tease", "Vile Vicious Vision", "Fishdick", "Infernal Connection", "The State Of Mind Report", "High Proof Cosmic Milk", "Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!", "Amazing Atomic Activity", "Broken Head", "Acidofilia", "Rock Is Not Enough" plus 2 DVDs: "15 Screwed Years" and "The Hand That Rocks The Coffin". The box also includes bonus tracks (rare, previously unreleased, demo, live and video), 96 page booklet with biography, discography, lyrics to all songs and a selection of amazing archive photos!

Acid Drinkers are to this day the best and the most spectacular metal band in Poland. During their long and eventful career they played over 1000 concerts, including well remembered gigs at Jarocin Festival, Metalmania, Węgorzewo, Przystanek Woodstock or Odjazdy. They supported Polish gigs of such metal giants as Deep Purple, Megadeth, Bruce Dickinson, Sepultura, Paradise Lost or Slayer. Acid Drinkers won Fryderyk Award (Polish equivalent of Grammy Award) in 1998, 2000 and 2004 for "Best Hard & Heavy Act". They were acclaimed the best five bands of the 90s in a poll published in Teraz Rock, the most important rock magazine in Poland.

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