Bangkok Five Week: Day 5 "Outlines Of Us"

(antiMusic) The Bangkok Five have been favorites of antiMusic since before they were even the Bangkok Five. Explosive but melodic, the band strikes the right mix and have been easily winning over fans since their debut album came out. We celebrate the release of the band's sophomore album, 'We Love What Kills Us,' by asking frontman Frost to give us the inside story on his five favorite tracks from the album.

Here is Frost with today's song "Outlines Of Us": Coatez and I kind of spearheaded this one the day after we'd all stayed in a flophouse back east. Tired and half asleep, we climbed the stairs of this ancient building and went to bed. Next day, we discovered
we'd all had the same dream; blood and brains all over the walls. We concluded there had been a murder/suicide there.

So I romanticized a classic, archetypical "if I can't have you, no one will" story about the anti-hero murdering his one and only true love, when he realizes she doesn't share his desire. The spurned lover then destroys everything, including himself, when he realizes she cannot be his. Sexy times :(

The album hits stores next week but you can grab a taste right now, plus get the latest on the band and more - right here

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