Four Out of Five Accursed Members Jump Ship

(PR) After seven years, four of the five members of The Accursed have called it quits. This is just an end to one era of The Accursed, with Jonathan [Helme, vocals], Chris [Helme, drums], Timothy [Giblin, guitar] and Metal George [bassist George Pacheco] choosing to go their separate ways, and Loki [guitar] deciding to continue on into the unknown.

"It feels like we just couldn't keep going on the route we were headed; we needed change. We have grown apart musically, and our opinions on where The Accursed should go from here differed between members so drastically that there would be no way to make everyone happy.

Commented Loki: "Yes, I will be continuing the band. I will not play the whole catalogue of songs. I am not quite sure which but this is not a death of a band but a rebirth. I plan to carry on and make The Accursed darker like I had in mind at the beginning. Being a fan of other bands, I know that sometimes when they lose members and continue they are never quite as good, but my goal is not fall into that path but to try and make it better.

"I am upset but I am a bit exited. Something needed to happen I guess, as drastic as it. I will announce more as it progresses; my first priority is to fill the drum slot and take it from there. I have a busy next couple of months hopefully everything will be back to the normal real soon

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