Miley In Trouble For Slutting Online

(antiMusic) Leave it to the good folks at Hecklerspray to turn a non-story into a bit of fun. We couldn't resist this one: Miley Cyrus' mother has grounded the little harlot for her incessant slutty behavior. The latest crime to add to the ever growing list is chatting online to boys and older men.

What is the matter with the girl? Is she human or something? It all kicked off with her Annie Leibovitz photo-shoot, when she let down herself, her friends, her family and, judging by the media response, the entire planet, as she showed the world her filthy, naked, underage back.

She also posed for a 'got milk?' commercial that made it look like someone had neatly spunked over her top lip all in order to sell more milk... She posed for a photo where she was holding a microphone in front of her gaping mouth which, to the untrained eye, seemed little more than a picture of a singer singing but, to the trained eye, Miley was clearly pretending the microphone was a cock.
And now, to rub salt into the wound, she's 'chatting' to boys and older men on the internet. [I swear she told me she was 18] - Read the rest of the Hecklerspray report

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