Sister Hazel Week: Day 2 "Happy"

(antiMusic) Sister Hazel will be releasing, "Before The Amplifiers, Live Acoustic," a new live acoustic album next week. The CD features the band's hits, fan favorites, and live concert staples. To celebrate the release we asked frontman Ken Block to tell us about his five favorite tracks from the CD. Here is Ken with today's song:

"Happy": This was our second biggest single ever and it's has always been a fun song to play live. I actually wrote the song about growing up as an artist and having people always saying "when are you gonna get a real job." The lyrics are actually fairly introspective and a bit darker than the hook would lead you to believe.

For the new acoustic CD, we changed the tempo, the vibe, the instrumentation, the melody - and I think it captures the essence of the song much better. So far our fans have been really excited by the new approach to the song.

Learn more about the new CD, preview some tracks and grab tour dates - here

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