R. Kelly Trial Deals With Sex Tape Minutiae, Possible Mistrial?

(idolator) After much discussion from witnesses regarding the possibility that the R. Kelly sex tape was a computer-generated forgery, it has now come forward that the prosecution gave the defense an exceptionally poor DVD reproduction of the original tape, which was used during its questioning of expert witness Charles Palm.

While Palm claims his testimony was based on the original, high-quality tape, defense attorneys claim the jury may believe they were acting in "poor faith" when they used the prosecution's cheap copy during Palm's testimony.

No one's currently asking for a mistrial (maybe they're saving this complaint for an appeal), but it's at least clear that the jury will have to be told the reason for the varying quality of the tape they saw, which may further confuse a jury that's already had to put up with some twisted sh*t. During deliberation, however, the jury will be given a VCR so they can watch the original sex tape, despite the defense's worry that they might break it or something. - more on this story

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