Bolero and Nocturnity Members Join Mastery

(PR) Toronto "instrumetal" thrash band Mastery has announced the addition of bassist Morgan Rider (Bolero) and drummer Kerry Saxena (Nocturnity) to their line-up.

The band is currently writing the follow-up to Lethal Legacy with an early 2009 release scheduled.

"Moran played a show with us when he was in a band called Atomicy and once he heard that we're looking for a bass player he sent me an email and he auditioned and that was that," says Mastery guitarist Markus Armellini.

"Kerry Saxena's band just broke up and once he found out that we're looking for a drummer, he immediately got in touch with me. After a few jams he got the job."

Mastery's debut album, Lethal Legacy, was released through Corporate Punishment Records.

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