Pearl Jam Thrills and Kayne Pisses Crowd Off

(antiMusic) What do Pearl Jam and Kanye West have in common? We can't find one thing. One has long term credibility and a strong measure of integrity, the other has a big ego. One has created at least one album that will go down in history as a classic long after any hype has died down, the other has a big ego. One blew fans away by adding an extra hour to their two hour set at a music festival this past weekend, the other delayed his performance at a music festival this past weekend by two hours so his big ego sized stage could be set up. Guess you have to use "frills" when your music is too vapid to sustain a concert all on its own.

Here are some quick reports about both from AP: Pearl Jam wowed the Bonnaroo crowd with a three-hour performance late Saturday, returning the band to the grand stage of a music festival. In the midst of their concert � which went almost an hour longer than scheduled � lead singer Eddie Vedder acknowledged that the band thought they might never again play such a show � and "with good reason." read about that and more about this performance

Kanye West's late night performance at Bonnaroo was delayed nearly two hours, angering the festival crowd who responded by chanting "Kanye sucks" and pelting the empty stage with glow sticks. The delay was caused by problems setting up West's elaborate stage set, which included an interplanetary landscape of a wavy black platform with a slanted floor in the middle and a video screen above. - Read more about Con Ya's delayed performance

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