GNR Leak Plugged (updated)

(antiMusic) On Wednesday, a website streamed what they reported as nine "finished" tracks from Guns N' Roses allegedly forthcoming album "Chinese Democracy". Which they deemed well worth the wait.

Axl's lawyers quickly sprung into action and the website removed the streams of the tracks but the reaction from the few fans that actually heard the songs was mostly positive with a couple of Naysayers.

We originally published some of the text of the article from that website (which was submitted to us by the author.) However, we got a love letter from Axl's lawyers claiming that reporting about the leak was somehow "broadcasting" his copyrighted material. So much for the First Amendment? Had we linked directly to the files or actually posted them on our servers that would have been one thing, but simply reporting about a leak is another thing entirely. But as a courtesy we did remove that article and we won't mention the site's name. Now release the damn CD already, so we can buy it!

Interestingly enough, Idolator also reported about this leak. What makes that interesting is that they were recently acquired by a company that Axl's label invested in. Wonder if they got a love letter from Axl's lawyers too? -

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