Major Deals on Digital Albums, Not Obscure Crap Either, Try Coldplay for 2 Bucks

(antiMusic) Amazon's music store has been pretty much ignored until now. Their video offering is horrendous, with so many limitations that it's not worth the effort or the expense, but their DRM free MP3s are a pretty good deal. When they debuted, they had so few known titles available it was easy to forget that they were trying to take on iTunes.

But things have changed. How about buying an album from a popular band for just $2 bucks? According to Billboard, "To support the new Coldplay album 'Viva la Vida,' Amazon will feature each of the band's past four albums for $2, with 'Brothers and Sisters' going for only $1."

That's not all, they also have a promo called Friday Five where they sell five different albums for $5.00 bucks. While they are offering deals, eMusic with is filled mostly with the obscure indie stuff you never heard of, is jacking up their rates. Read more about both here

It's not just Coldplay, check out all the other albums you can get for under five bucks - right here

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