Rolling Stone Trash Pete Wentz And Show How Behind The Times They Are

(punkbands) Rolling Stone has a fairly scathing look at Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy's latest endeavor, his TV show FNMTV. The magazine described the program as "a celebration of awkwardness than the art of lip synching and cheesy acting."

Among the crimes committed by the show are "Wentz's repeated references to his wife and (impending) kid" and a crowd that finds Blink-182 more important than The Who. After all, how could "Baba O'Riley" compare to "What's My Age Again?"

[Isn't the Blink reference a bit outdated? What was that, like 10 years ago? Doubtful that many Blink fans still watch MTV, they've grown up since then. A My Chemical Romance reference would have been more relevant. It kind of kills their argument. Not to defend MTV or Wentz, the sentiments expressed by RS are spot on, but are they really that out of touch with current music to make a relevant-to-today's-MTV-tween-market reference? Will they show Fred Durst half naked on the cover next?] - more on this story

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