Bruce Kulick Roasted By Maul Stanley

(PR) Guitarist Bruce Kulick was recently interviewed live onstage at the 22nd annual NY/NJ Kiss Expo by the mysterious Maul Stanley (a parody hybrid of Star Wars character Darth Maul and Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley). Part serious interview and part comedy roast, the exchange has been transcribed and is now available online. In the first half of this two-part feature, Bruce discusses his dismissal from Kiss, his work on the "Carnival of Souls" album and his memories of late Kiss guitarist Mark St. John. An excerpt from the interview follow:

Maul Stanley: Gene Simmons has always maintained that he has never once been drunk or high. If that is true, how did he ever agree to let you sing a lead vocal on "Carnival of Souls?"

Bruce Kulick: Well, I didn't really drug him... although it did take a fair amount of prodding! I think by then, Gene and Paul already knew that the reunion would be happening so they just kind of threw me a bone! For whatever reason, I just never wanted to let go of that song, "I Walk Alone." First I sang on the demo, so we'd have a point of reference. We tried the song a couple of different ways and even worked on a version with Bob Ezrin. It was nuts! Our producer on "Carnival of Souls" was Toby Wright, who had previously worked with Korn and Alice in Chains. He was actually the one who thought it would be cool if I sang the song. Even though it might not sound like a typical Kiss track, he liked it when everyone in Kiss would sing a song on the records. So Toby was the one who really pushed for me to record the vocals. And believe me, I was petrified! Obviously, I've learned to sing a lot better since then but thankfully my voice seemed to work for the track.

I do love that song, by the way. The lyrics are actually very appropriate. Since the reunion happened shortly thereafter, I truly did walk alone! So I suppose it all made sense in the grand scheme of things - Go read more

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