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(PR) Trapt's new music video, "Who's Going Home With You Tonight" debuted as a free download on Xbox LIVE last week and can be viewed online (sorry we'd link direct but the asshats at ASCAP prevent this... see link at the end of the story which has some behind the scenes stuff too).

The video to "Who's Going Home With You Tonight" was directed by Paul Brown (Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson) and features Chris Taylor Brown exposing his cheating girlfriend with three different men. It's a raw and unique male perspective on romance, relationships, and the nuances in between, keeping Trapt's rock edge while displaying their songwriting abilities.

As an exciting twist, three "video trailers" have been produced by Paul Brown to give a backstory to the actual music video, creating a viral sensation over the internet. Each of these trailers showcase a different, torrid affair. They are currently featured at the albums official website - www.onlythroughthepain.com

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