Rage Against The Presidential Conventions

(antiMusic) Rage Against The Machine are considering crashing the U.S. political parties this year when the Republicans and Democrats hold their nominating conventions later this summer.

While the band only have one U.S. appearance set for this year (Lollapalooza,) Tom Morello said in an interview "There is the possibility that we will be playing at the demonstrations surrounding the Presidential conventions. The Democrats are in Denver, the Republicans are in Minneapolis. But we're still looking into that."

RATM staged a protest concert outside the Staples Center in 2000 as the Democrats danced the Macarena while giving their nod to Al Gore. That protest event ended in a near riot as fans and protesters turned violent. We reported at the time: According to LAPD spokesperson CMDR. David Kalish, the police were forced to declare the gathering an unlawful assembly due to violent outbreaks in the crowd attending the concert. Kalish stated at a press conference that concert goers and protesters were throwing rocks, bottles, pieces of asphalt at police on the scene. He also reported that several fires were started near the protest site and several individuals were attempting to breach the security fence around the Staples Center. It has been reported that is was approximately 300 of an estimated crowd of 8000 who resorted to violent behavior during the protest concert. - Read more about the Rage Against Al Gore Fiasco

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