Legendary Guitarist Books First U.S. Shows In Over 3 Decades

(antiMusic) Most people think of Motley Crue as having the wildest story in rock and roll, thanks mostly to their autobiography "The Dirt." But their sordid tales are no match for those of Fleetwood Mac. The band's history was already worthy of a blockbuster bio-pic long before they became the chart topping darlings of 70s AM radio.

The band's founder went from inspiring someone to add to the famous "Clapton Is God" graffiti on a UK wall with the line "Peter Green is Better Than God," to quitting the group and becoming a grave digger. Then when he was about to make a comeback, he refused to sign a record contract because he thought it was a deal with the Devil. (that's actually not far off).

Green's story is tame compared to how Jeremy Spencer left the group. The band was on tour and arrived in Los Angeles right after a major earthquake shook California. The band was scheduled to play the Whiskey A Go Go that night and a few hours before they were set to hit the stage, Jeremy stepped out to check out a local shop (a head shop by some accounts, bookstore by others) but he never returned. In fact, he went off and joined a cult! 36 long years have passed and Jeremy is back to his calling as a guitar god. With a new album under his belt, he has announced his plans to play in the U.S. for the first time since 1972.

Of the upcoming tour, Spencer said, "Having not played 'live' in America since 1972 is already rather daunting, along with 'shipping coals to Newcastle' by playing Blues there with a group of Norwegian musicians! But it's exciting for us to be charting unfamiliar territory, and we want to give our best to the audiences."
Check out the details on the shows, and if one is close enough to you, be sure to check it out!

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