CCA Promise Something Not Different, But Not The Same

(PR) Would you like to see something different? Or at least, something that is not the same? CCA is what you are looking for. The meeting of three artists (Cushma, Cides, Alexander) presents an album full of good surprises and of exquisite bouquet - from the first moment, we find impressive graphic art. It is a kind of box or carton that presents a "freak circus show."

The packaging design from Argentina by the illustrator Nuno Enriquez is as special as the music that it contains, which was the premise of work that assembled Linda Cushma, Guillermo Cides and the drummer Tim Alexander recognized by his work with the band, Primus. From sticky melodies to uncontrollable moments of rock, the cd cruises for sound explorations including a tango sung in Spanish by Cushma.

The new album has a long list of guests including renowned bassist/stickist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/King Crimson) and a remixed version of a song by Quodia with Trey Gunn (ex-King Crimson) and Joe Mendelson. This is one of CCA's many surprises - Gunn narrating a musical story.

Tim Alexander's intricate drumming is complimented by the delicious and suggestive voice of Linda Cushma and the precise execution of Guillermo Cides on Chapman Stick. Three perfect hosts who opened their doors to different musicians via Internet.

And it is precisely on Internet where CCA is available - through direct sale at low cost directly from the musicians to the audience, personalized with signatures and with a presentation that makes one want to have it in their home! A different way of doing things, according to Cides: "Internet world gives to people the chance to download the music for free. Since the world of music has changed because of Internet, we just made a special album with a 'non-downloadable' art cover! It is very complex artwork designed by a talented guy from Argentina. In this way, we can offer to people a nice Cd-souvenir direct from and signed by the artists. This is the new concept we have in relation with the music business."

Linda Cushma is best known for her work with experimental prog-rock ensemble Oxygene8 and prog/fusion project Ezoo. Cides offers Stick concerts sharing stages with California Guitar Trio, Jerry Marotta in duo, Trey Gunn, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull; Fish (Marillion), John Wetton (Asia,U.K), Rick Wakeman (Yes). Tim Alexander is the drummer for band Primus and has also played with experimental bass player Michael Manring, the Attention Deficit project and the theatrical Blue Man Group. His other projects include bands Into the Presence and Fata Morgana.

CCA also presents an international circle of special guest artists and friends including Steve Parrish, Gayle Ellett, Mariano Enriquez, Federico Miranda, Nan Mercader, Fatimah Halim, Helen, Winston Napier, Uncle Jim and more, with final mixing and mastering by Guillermo "BabyFace" Zuloaga at Tonica Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CCA presents a "not different, but not the same" album with really special guests. Deliciously different!

Available at: www.stickcenter.com/catalog

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