The Revolting Cocks To Deliver Sex-O Olympic-O in Rocktober

(HER) To some, The Revolting Cocks (aka RevCo) is the bastard offspring of Ministry-madman Al Jourgensen and it seems that "Uncle Al" is a damn proud papa these days. "This is the best RevCo album I've ever done," said Al, who produced the album. "As a matter of fact, I think this is the best album - including Ministry, Pailhead, Lard - anything I've ever done, period. Production-wise, song-wise, I'm really, really happy with this record. It's the first CD I've ever gotten back from the mastering studio that I didn't have anything to b***** about. No complaints. I listened to the whole thing and just went, 'OK - that's a wrap. Let's go'!"

While still retaining the unmistakable RevCo industrial-dance-metal sound, "Sex-O Olympic-O" sees the group (Josh Bradford/vocals, Sin Quirin/guitars, Clayton Worbeck/keyboards) let first-wave glam rock seep into their already rich sound. Case in point, the soon-to-be quirky anthem (and first single from the album), "I'm Not Gay," which debuted on Ministry's 2008 "C U LaTouR" live shows and is now a solid staple on MySpace and Facebook homepages around the world.

Set for release October 14, 2008 via Jourgensen's label 13th Planet Records, it turns out that "Sex-O Olympic-O" was supposed to be RevCo's swansong. However, according to singer Bradford, it was the quality of the material that made Jourgensen alter his plan slightly.

"Originally, it was going to be the final RevCo album, Al was ready to put Ministry and RevCo to rest. Al and Sin had a couple of ideas, he gave them to me and we threw them together. Al was like, '----! We're not going to have this be the last album.' He made a decision after hearing the first few tracks to keep it going, because it was going to be one of the best RevCo albums to come out. We were in El Paso - we set up a couple of little studios. We sat down - me, Al and Sin, and then Clayton later joined us - we just started trading tracks. It just magically came together. Most of the time, we all tracked individually, which is very strange for an album when you do that to come out so cohesive. The only time we hung out was when we went to strip clubs or got wasted."

As evidenced by such tracks as "Hookerbot 3000" and "The Red Parrot," RevCo's affection for frequenting strip clubs has certainly rubbed off on them musically, as many of the songs sound like a custom-made soundtrack for strippers worldwide to strut their stuff to. But if you dig deep into the lyrics, you'll be afforded a direct look into the warped and twisted mind of Bradford. "Josh recorded a lot of these vocals in his apartment - really thin walls with no soundproofing," points out Worbeck. "He was tracking in the middle of the night with headphones on, yelling these bizarre phrases that are in the song at the top of his lungs. If you think about it, his neighbors weren't hearing music, all they were hearing was him yelling these strange lyrics. His neighbors must think he's insane."

The last word goes to Jourgensen, who offers to clear up once and for all the rumors surrounding RevCo's future. "I am leaving after this album, and I'm turning it over to a younger generation of RevCo's - much like Menudo does or Blue Man Group. I'm kind of franchising it out. It started in 1983 - with me, Luc Van Acker and Richard 23 from Front 242. There were three of us, and now, I've found these other three young knuckleheads who I think capture the true essence and spirit of being 'a Revolting Cock,' if you will. Picture me, Luc and Richard as when you walk into a bank and you have the portraits of the founders. And we've turned it over to these three guys - under the one condition that in five years, they have to turn it over to three other new guys. They have to find the right people to carry on the tradition - which is a lot of keg parties, beer chugging, throwing up, sexual abnormalities." As evidenced by the strength of "Sex-O Olympic-O," Josh, Sin and Clayton will undoubtedly do the RevCo name proud for the next five years.

RevCo plans to support "Sex-O Olympic-O" with lots of touring starting this fall. More details TBA.

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