Killsmith Week: Day 3 "Beware of the Dog"

(http://www.nealsmith.com/) Most people got their first taste of Neal Smith's talent on most of Alice Cooper's classic songs. But to get the full Neal Smith experience you have to hear the new Killsmith album 'Sexual Savior,' where Neal not only wrote all the songs and played almost all of the instruments but also produced it! Last month Morley spoke with Neal about the album in details and we're including just a small part of that conversation here this week as Neal walks us through some of his favorite tracks from the CD. Here is Neal with today's song:

"Beware of the Dog". It's probably my oldest song on the record from the standpoint that probably the groove of it and the chords originated actually back right after Platinum God. I mean they've been around that long. But I changed the lyrics an awful lot. I mean I like to have a little dynamics so I wanted to have an acoustic song on this cd. And I thought, I probably will in the future. That's also why I liked that song "Human Evolution" because it's a little bit different than the others as far as musically. I like dynamics in a piece and from that standpoint I wanted something acoustic that sounded powerful and still had, well, it's not exactly a love song with an acoustic guitar. I don't think the Eagles would have had this on their album "Hotel California", but I don't know, maybe they would. (laughs).

I wanted to write something that was sort of a fantasy, that was a little bit of a mixture between like "Beware Of The Dog", it could be, it could take a human form, when somebody's a really, really hard-core businessperson, or it could actually be like a werewolf. So it sort of goes along a line like that. That the full moon affects your personality. And there's definitely in there as well, that this character is definitely able to be a murderer. And I think that's what made it exciting for me, when I wrote it. You know it's no different than any gangster movie that you see at the theatre. But I tend to put a little bit of fantasy in there but also there could be my reality which is one of television and movies. Which again is still fantasy, because we were all into that so much and (we) always have been fans of the classic and even the horror movies and everything. So it sort of runs in that vein.

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