Highschool Musical Goes Generic Emo Pop

(antiMusic) Before we get to this PR we have to say that we have nothing against The Faded per se, but it takes a major stretch of the definition of punk to include them in that genre. It's sort of like calling N Sync metal. In fact, the song that the following PR is about sounds far closer to N Sync than Social Distortion.

To be fair the band call themselves "alternative rock" but then toss in a bunch of genres to describe their sound (which includes mid-80s techno-punk among others, we didn't hear this at all. Maybe they were referring to the leadsinger's hair cut being as silly as A Flock of Seagulls?) but they basically sounds like any generic emo-pop band you'll find on the Warped tour.

The reason we are making an issue of this is because it's getting a bit old hearing record labels toss out bogus labels for generic bands trying to make them sound like they are something different. These labels should instead turn their concentration on finding bands that are really different and then the "marketing" will be a bit more honest. With all that said here is the PR:

Alternative rock band, The Faded, announced their new single, Breaking Free, today. In December 2007, Skunk-Ape Records, Hollywood, invited the band to participate in a musical compilation tribute album to Disney's ultra-successful movie, High School Musical. Tentatively entitled, "High School Musical Goes Punk!," the Skunk-Ape release will feature rocked-up versions of many of the movie's best songs. The Faded's single is their version of the climactic song, "Breaking Free."

"The original song is beautiful and sweet - there's absolutely nothing wrong with it," says vocalist, Gene Blalock, "but I think the message of the song - being yourself and breaking free from others' expectations and demands - gets lost on a wider audience who only hear this pretty duet. Reworking the song makes the message more accessible." The Faded's version replaces the duet, with Blalock doing the primary vocals, and members Micheal Diamond and Freddy Maciel offering backing harmony. "The original is quite nice," according to bassist Micheal Diamond, "but adding energy, speeding it up, and offering a sense of urgency really allows people to appreciate the lyrics, and even the song, better." Reaction among fans of the group has been strongly positive, with many commenting that they prefer the new version to Disney's original.

"We hadn't planned on doing a single release. This was to be part of the compilation, but we've had so many people ask about it, that the label felt it was worth releasing on its own. It is a lot of fun to play," states drummer Freddy Maciel, "and I think many of our fans are picking up on the fun we have performing it."

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