Israeli Rockers Amaseffer Release Debut

(PR) Israel is one of the most exciting countries in the world; the country is a cultural melting pot which fuses European influences, with an oriental philosophy of life.

Amaseffer hails from Israel, and they are the first Israeli band signed to InsideOut Music. Their music features a homogeneous mix of rock, metal, world music and the magical sound of the Middle East. The creative trio's motto is "Anything Goes!"

Amaseffer's debut album 'Slaves for Life"(hit stores this week) is the opening volume of a planned trilogy about the history of the Israeli people as portrayed in the Old Testament.

'Slaves for Life' consists of sophisticated compositions in terms of content and musical skill, which makes it hard to put a label on AMASEFFER'S distinct sound. "We don't want to limit our music by categorizing it or restricting it to any specific kind of genre," says the band's drummer, Erez Yohanan.

"Our music is inspired by our visions. We try to concentrate on the feel and atmosphere of a 'scene' and play what we feel. That's why our music is so 'film score'-oriented."

In Mats Leven (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), Amaseffer have succeeded in enlisting one of the most distinguished metal vocalists the world over. They found everything that they were looking for in Mats, a dramatic vocalist, a singer who can deliver all kinds of moods and can be theatrical.

Alongside Mats and three Israeli guest vocalists, the almost twelve minute so 'Midian', features German metal vocalist, Angel Gossow (Arch Enemy). "At a specific point on the album, a major turning point, we needed something that would turn the listener's stomach upside down," says Hanan. "We contacted the best beast for the job and Angela agreed to do it. This is an excellent example of our 'no-boundaries' approach to our work.

"Track Listing
1) Sorrow
2) Slaves for Life
3) Birth of Deliverance
4) Midian
5) Zipporah
6) Burning Bush
7) The Wooden Staff
8) Return to Egypt
9) Ten Plagues
10) Land of the Dead

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