Killsmith Week: Day 4 "Distributed"

(antiMusic) Most people got their first taste of Neal Smith's talent on most of Alice Cooper's classic songs. But to get the full Neal Smith experience you have to hear the new Killsmith album 'Sexual Savior,' where Neal not only wrote all the songs and played almost all of the instruments but also produced it! Last month Morley spoke with Neal about the album in details and we're including just a small part of that conversation here this week as Neal walks us through some of his favorite tracks from the CD. Here is Neal with today's song:

"Distributed", I sort of think that, is sort of along the lines of "Leave Me Alone". You know, people can be perceived as disturbed when that's not really the case. You know, maybe they're just a little bit different. Or it's sort of a brief case study of that sort of a personality. To an extent I've been called that myself, I'm sure we all have…you probably too, Morley. (laughs.)

Morley: (laughs.) More than once. * Neal: (laughs.) More than once… and probably mostly by my parents too by the way. And one thing I liked about this book, we went through and really did a nice…all the lyrics in the booklet as well. And they're pretty clear on the album as well but I do like to do that once in a while. These particular lyrics, when you talk about, I think kids today probably, go to psychiatrist and take medication that probably they don't need. I don't know. I'm not an expert. That's just my opinion. I'm very opinionated about stuff by the way, I hate to tell you. (laughs.) I know it's hard to believe, right? But I think that people take kids, and once they're labeled with some sort of, or anything from schizophrenia to god-only- knows-what, that sort of puts a label on them. The song sort of dwells in that vein. Plus I may be crazy too. You never know. It's one of those two stories, Morley.

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