Bleeding Through Pissed at CareerKill Records - A Top Story This Week

Bleeding Through Pissed at CareerKill Records was a top story for this week. Here it is again: (Lambgoat) Bleeding Through has publicly voiced their displeasure with Trustkill Records over the label's recent announcement of plans to release a "special edition" of Bleeding Through's 2006 album, "The Truth." The group had the following to say on the Headbangers Blog:

"Let it be known that Bleeding Through is 100% against this so-called 'special' edition. We did not approve the title, cover artwork (whatever it is), track-listing or bonus features for this transparent and obvious cash-grab of a re-release from a record label that despite selling a quarter of a million of our albums worldwide is having problems.

"Over a year ago we suggested the idea of a re-release of the album to Trustkill on our terms, of course, with our artistic vision and he said he'd consider it if we could land a 'big' tour. We confirmed a tour with Marilyn Manson and Slayer, followed by a tour with HIM, and he said, 'NO' to us. He thought we should put out a new album instead. Now we have a new album finished that we are very proud of and he wants to squeeze our fans and our band by throwing out an unapproved 'special' edition in a fast and overt attempt to pay some bills."

[It's not like the label didn't warn you not to trust them, they are called Trustkill after all. CareerKill might be a good name as well. - The plot thickens though, the band go on to call out the label for other issues including money!]

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