Best Fake Bands - A Top Story This Week

Best Fake Bands was a top story for this week. Here it is again: (antiMusic) Gibson latest "list" installment features their favorite "fake" bands. Strangely, Diddy's "bands" didn't make the list. Here are a couple of the entries: The Monkees The original fake band, the Monkees were the brainchild of rock impresario Don Kirshner. We all know and love their songs and for very good reason.

The band employed top tier writers including Neil Diamond and a team of Brill Building all-stars. When the band decided they wanted to play their own instruments it was the beginning of the end, although the album Head is an undisputed psychsploitation classic. Steven Stills was even in the running to become one of the original Monkees. He was turned away because producers felt his receding hairline didn't bode well for a future made-for-TV teen idol.

Spinal Tap Set your amp all the way to 11! Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls, and a literal army of drummers and keyboardists (some of whom have even been known to spontaneously combust mid-set!) are the high watermark of faux-bands. Tap had roots all the way back to the skiffle scene of late '50s Britain and dabbled in flower power before settling into heavy metal. - grab all the fake fun here

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