Sigur Ros Time Warp Pisses Off Fans - A Top Story This Week

Sigur Ros Time Warp Pisses Off Fans was a top story for this week. Here it is again: (antiMusic) What happens when tickets sellout before the time they were officially supposed to be put on sale? Idolator gets to the bottom of it: Ah, summertime in New York City—a time for trips to the beach, frying eggs on pavement, and special-event shows that everyone can complain about on blogs. Today's example of the latter features Icelandic massage musicians Sigur Ros and the Museum of Modern Art, who are coming together for a show (with free booze!) a week from tonight. Tickets were originally $18, but they sold out within minutes of being put on sale this morning—and now they're being offered for $250 a pop.

While no one has yet come up with a ticket plea as creative as that dude who was willing to trade expensive Champagne for an Arcade Fire ticket last year, that's made up for by the fury and bile emanating from Brooklyn Vegan's commenters who got locked out of the show and who were either utterly offended by the fact that BV put up a reminder post about the onsale this morning or utterly baffled by the MoMA site's information design and loose concept of time.

The tickets were supposed to go onsale at noon, but they apparently went up about five minutes earlier; the show is actually part of the exhibition "Take Your Time," so perhaps MoMA's Web site was given an off-kilter internal clock as part of the artist's overall statement. Some people were getting "sold out" messages before the show's official on-sale time, a bit of Internet sleight-of-hand that resulted in one commenter quipping, "i ordered 25 tickets, you can email me about them at sigurros@mademerich.com." - more on this story

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