Mandragora Scream's Again - A Top Story This Week

Mandragora Scream's Again was a top story for this week. Here it is again: (MMP) Metal Mind Productions will rerelease Mandragora Scream's debut album "Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves" and the follow-up "A Whisper Of Dew" which are the mandatory releases for any fans of modern gothic rock.

Mandragora Scream is without question one of the most prominent groups on the contemporary gothic rock/dark wave scene. Their amazing releases include all the best elements of the genre, resulting in unforgettable musical experiences that touch the deepest parts of the soul.

"Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves" (2001) was a concept album, telling the story of Virgil, who descends all the way down to the Dantean Hell, where he meets a mysterious vampire fairy. - more on this story

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