The Britney Attorney Retirement Plan

(antiMusic) There seems to be a new retirement plan for attorneys in Los Angeles: the Britney/K-Fed plan. That's the only conclusion we can reach when you see how much the sharks are bilking the poptart for. TMZ has the story: So we just read the order forcing Britney to pay $375,000 for K-Daddy's legal bill. Here's what jumped out at us.

In the order issued by Commish Scott Gordon, he notes that disso queen Laura Wasser charged Brit $164,972 in legal fees. Remember, Wasser handled the case for 10 months. She's the one who handled the divorce and fought for joint custody and dealt with Brit during the meltdown.

Check this out. After Wasser quit, Brit Hired Trope and Trope to rep her. On Tropes watch, Brit lost custody and visitation. Their bill for five months -- $685,985.22 (the 22 cents is a killer). In fairness, Brit's craziness made it impossible for the Commish to do anything but strip her of custody. But seriously, $685,985.22???!!! - more on this story

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