Britney Does South Park

(Hecklerspray) What with everyone banging on about Britney Spears' upcoming appearance on How I Met Your Mother, it's easy to wish that she was going to be in a sitcom that's, you know, funny.

And now she is. Last night Britney Spears squeezed in an appearance on South Park. Well, most of Britney Spears, at least. A large part of Britney's brain was missing at the time, but what's new about that, huh? Huh?

Why are we posting this? 1) Because it's funny, despite the typical South Park sledgehammer sermonising, 2) because it's true and it's taught us that, as media consumers, we're all to blame for Britney's current mental crisis and 3) it's been a couple of days since we last posted a Britney Spears story and we were starting to get shakes. - Anyway, now we've got a special clip of Britney Spears' South Park cameo for you to enjoy.

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