Radiohead vs. fifteen bottles of Southern Comfort?

(PR) Knoxville, Tennessee's resident laser-fueled, turbo popsters, Royal Bangs, are about to release their debut full-length, We Breed Champions on Audio Eagle, (Gil Mantera's Party Dream, Houseguest, etc) mid-May.

Knoxville Voice compared the band to "Radiohead vs. fifteen bottles of Southern Comfort" while others put them in the presence of Modest Mouse, TV on the Radio, and Architecture in Helsinki. Royal Bangs are constantly reinventing ways to play music and who they play for.

Their venues range from galleries to bars, and backyards to Bonnaroo. The band is on a perpetual tour of the southeast scene. With a wall of beats blasting dueling guitars, sheets of red hot synth and dangerous chorus calls, Royal Bangs are ready for the world to experience their self-described "wizard-fresh" sound. - Check out "Let's Get Even" and see if you can hear what they're talking about.

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