It's Another Female Spears!

(antiMusic) Breaking news, hold the presses! Britney's jailbait sister is having a girl! So the next generation of Spears girls can now hope to follow in their mother's footsteps! Hecklerspray has the story: According to reports, Jamie Lynn Spears' mother Lynne Spears was overheard telling people that Jamie Lynn's having a little girl.

A girl! How wonderful for Jamie Lynn Spears. Now, with the gender determined, Jamie Lynn Spears and her boyfriend can start planning for the baby in full, by buying it a range of Little Slutz knickerless play outfits and a My First Pressure Your Baby Into Fame So You Can Vicariously Dine On Its Flesh toyset. Well, Jamie Lynn Spears will want to train her daughter up nice and early, won't she.

Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter is due at the end of June. She should savour these next couple of months, since statistically this is when Auntie Britney is least likely to drop her on her head or take her hostage or anything crazy like that. - more on this story

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