Radiohead Wants Green Fans, Live Nation Wants Greenbacks

(antiMusic) Radiohead want their fans to think green when they travel to the band's concerts this summer by using public transportation or carpooling. On the other hand, the nations largest concert promoter, Live Nation, is doing their part to neutralize any cost saving from such ventures by charging every single ticket buyer for parking at most of the venues they control! They must have confused green with greenbacks.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, with the current high price of gas it really is smarter to get to this summer's concerts the cheapest way possible. Take a bus, pile your friends into an Escalade! Now here is Radiohead's pitch on the matter:

On the eve of their 2008 tour, which begins this Monday in West Palm Beach FL, Radiohead are appealing to fans to think about how they travel to and from shows.Last year, the band commissioned carbon footprint analysts Best Foot Forward to calculate the carbon generated on their two previous US tours. The report showed that fans' travel to and from the shows accounted for the greatest proportion of the CO2 generated during each tour, something now widely accepted across the industry.

Following the report's recommendations, Radiohead are encouraging fans to consider public transport where available, or increased carpooling for shows outside city centers. Gig goers can compare the CO2 generated by different methods of transport by visiting an online calculator on Radiohead's website. Some of the venues have also helped by offering incentives to fans coming by public transport or in a full car.

After the tour, the band will invite ticket holders to submit information on their methods of travel so further research can be done on carbon emissions and methods to reduce them. Radiohead's production team will also be posting information on how the band are trying to reduce their own carbon emissions on tour without compromising the quality of the shows. The 411 is here

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