FBI Probe Scorpions For Child Porn

(antiMusic) These are strange times we live in. Apparently the FBI has nothing better to do than investigate 32 year-old album covers for child porn claims. Maybe they should be out tracking down real child pornographers?

Blabbermouth has the story: Chelsea Schilling of WorldNetDaily reports that the FBI is now reviewing a Wikipedia photo of a nude adolescent that could violate federal child-pornography laws.

The image in question, titled "Virgin Killer" from RCA's 1976 SCORPIONS rock album, depicts a naked pre-pubescent girl (appearing about 10 years of age) in a provocative pose. Her chest is completely exposed and a small crack is placed over her vagina.

The album's cover was banned in the United States due to its extremely controversial nature and was later replaced with a photo of the band. - more on this story

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