Grohl's Open Response To Open Letter To Metallica

(antiMusic) Turns out that Dave Grohl's "open letter to Metallica" wasn't really an open letter at all. A fan wrote us to let us know that it was an interview quote taken out of context by Metal Hammer, who reportedly published it as a 'letter of the month'. (We don't subscribe so we can't verify this. The original "open letter" was emailed to us as well. It was funny, so we ran with it). So this is all he said, fan said stuff, but Dave Grohl took to the Foos website to address the issue. Here is what he had to say:

Just wanted to write a quick note to clear up this whole "Open letter to Metallica" fiasco......For the record, I never "wrote" anything to Metallica. I was asked by a journalist, at the end of a long interview (abut the Foo Fighters) to give a quick message to Metallica in the studio.

So, I rattled that quote off the top of my head. No biggie, right? Somehow it became my "open letter" to the band, and now it's been picked up by everyone from Blabbermouth to Rolling Stone (as if anyone really cares!). Now, it's true that I've been a loyal fan of this band for 25 years, and I can't wait to hear the new s***, but an "open letter" to the band?!!?? Nah. Not my style. I'd rather just text 'em - more on this story

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