Cinematic Minimalist Art Rock?

(PR) Art Rock gets a minimalist makeover when London-based CIAM release their debut record Anonymous this summer. The brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Jeff Shapiro and viola/violinist Hadar Goldman, CIAM create cinematic music with a sleek rock edge.

With nods to the seminal art rockers Velvet Underground and more recent British counterparts Radiohead, Anonymous is a collection of densely-layered musical instrumentation, alternately complex and refined rock for the progressive listener.

There's dark humor here too - the Eastern sounding electric violin and cello of "It Takes A Friend (To Bring You Down)" smirk mercilessly at the protagonist's plight, while the plaintive bass melody of "The Journey", sends the listener into an intricate phalanx of acoustic and wah-wah guitars. It's a highly developed and intelligent record, extraordinarily assured for a debut album. Every song will be matched with a cinematic representation, the first being "Here I Am", which may be viewed now - right here

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