Spears Not Knocked Up Again

(TMZ) Why this really news? Who knows? Some people actually care about this stuff so in an effort to mock them, we give you the following report.

It appears there were rumors that the jailbait sister of a certain infamous pop tart reportedly had a bun in over. Her second actually. But it's all BS claims the following TMZ report: Jamie Lynn Spears is not pregnant, y'all! While several reports are claiming Jamie Lynn is preggers again, an unimpeachable source tells TMZ Britney's baby sis does not have another bun in the oven.

Shocking huh? Well you can let out that breath you've been holding in and go here to read more if you actually give even a slight damn about this.

What's Brit up to? TMZ has that too: "Britney Spears, about to go on trial for the heinous crime of driving without a valid California license, was offered a deal to make the case go away -- a $150 fine, and 12 months probation. Britney's lawyer, Michael Flanagan, told TMZ....no way Jose." They went on talk about Britney not admitting to a criminal offense. We wouldn't be too proud of those albums either. If you give a slight damn about this one, then go - here

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