GNR Fans Vs Radio, AC/DC Overwhelmed By CD Success, Free Hinder Tix, Who Grand Prix, Michelle Most Wanted, Pro-Pain Down a Member? and more

(antiMusic) We start today's quicks with a rather long blurb but it couldn't be helped: Last week we told you how the new Guns N' Roses single received massive airplay on its first day of release. That massive air play didn't keep up through the week, but they did get a respectable amount of spins. Some fans weren't very happy with that and have taken to hitting up their local radio stations to play the song. One fan in Boston got an earful from an angry program director who ridiculed the fan and Guns N' Roses during the exchange (if the email we were forwarded is legit.) The PD basically told the fan that radio stations stopped taking listener requests in 1988, the same year that Guns N' Roses were relevant. That's an interesting concept. I'm sure the people at the sold out shows in Los Angeles that antiMusic attended a couple years back would beg to differ. (Very few bands can pull off multiple-shows in Los Angeles, especially irrelevant bands.) Maybe this PM's attitude is part of the reason that rock radio is losing listeners? We here at antiMusic know many fine people in radio (including kick ass PMs) and would never expect such behavior from them, but to the program directors that do have this attitude we went back in our news archives for an illuminating article which might surprise you at just how relevant some of these older rock acts are; in fact, many are still selling more copies of their 20 year-old releases than some of today's current "radio" bands. This is the year that already had Metallica and AC/DC debut at the top of the charts after all. Before we send you to read the article we also would like to suggest to the suits at the radio station's parent corporations that might read this: you might actually get a little more loyalty (e.g. listeners) if you bothered to listen to your customers. Kind of crazy, but imagine the concept of people listening if you actually play the songs they want to hear. Now here is the link to the article we mentioned. To our friends in radio who are spinning the song, please drop us a line with a link to your website. We'll post a list for our readers.

"It's overwhelming, and quite hard to take in," AC/DC's lead singer, Brian Johnson, said Wednesday after learning his group had 2008's second-biggest album debut. "Even an old dog like me has a few more surprises in life, I guess," he said, chuckling. more.

What about AC/DC's classic albums? Back In Black, the band's massive 1980 album, sold 21,000 copies last week, up from 9,000 the week before, Nielsen SoundScan said Wednesday. The album is the fifth-biggest seller of all time in the United States, according to the Recording Industry Assn. of America, with sales to date of 22 million copies. High Voltage, the band's 1976 US debut, rocketed to 11,000 copies from 4,000. more

Hinder are releasing their album, Take it to the Limit, next Tuesday, November 4th. Hinder will also be performing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show next Thursday, November 6th. If you are in the L.A. area just click herefor free tickets!

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey will bring back The Who to Australia for the 2009 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.more

Two Cow Garage are celebrating the release of their fourth full-length, "Speaking In Cursive" (Suburban Home Records), which is currently being streamed at Punknews.org . Also look for Gary's 5 Star review of the CD next week as our Artist of the Month pick here at antiMusic. Yes the CD is that good. Go to the link above and hear it for yourself.

Is your name Michelle? Do you know a Michelle? Local H wants you to show the world why "nobody's got it like Michelle." Submit your photo to be used in their new "Michelle (again)" video from the "12 Angry Months" LP out now on Shout! Factory. Contest ends 12/5/08. details

The American Music Awards have added Coldplay and Leona Lewis to the list of performers for the show, Billboard reports. Not to nitpick but since when is England part of America? If that wasn't enough to question the AMA's cred, check out who else is appearing here.

A prosecutor on Wednesday portrayed eccentric musical genius Phil Spector as a man who repeatedly threatened women with guns and could become "very sinister, very violent and very deadly" when he was drunk.more. Interesting, well he did butcher the Beatles.

Pro-Pain is rumored to have parted ways with drummer J.C. Dwyer. This rumor is supported by the fact that Dwyer's name has been removed from the band's MySpace page.more

imeem announced a worldwide licensing and marketing partnership with UK-based independent music label group Beggars Group and NY-based Matador Records. Through the partnership, Beggars Group and Matador Records' entire digital music and video catalog, including artists like Bon Iver, Devendra Banhart, The Pixies, Sigur Ros, Vampire Weekend, TV on the Radio and more, is now available for free full-length streaming on imeem. In addition, imeem users can add those songs and videos to playlists and embed them anywhere on the web. http://www.imeem.com

Sony BMG Music Entertainment lost $57 million on sales of $762 million for the three-month period ended Sept. 30. Those numbers are down from the $8 million net income loss posted in the corresponding period in the prior year when sales totaled $851 million. The latter represents a 10.5% decline in sales. more

Folk duo Bethany & Rufus will be performing a show as part of the First Acoustics Concert Series at the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, New York. First Acoustics is a Concert Series organized by the First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn, celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2008. - info

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