Are Britney Spears and Ryan Seacrest More Important Than Led Zeppelin?

(antiMusic) There is something seriously wrong in the universe. Britney Spears and Ryan Seacrest have both purchased stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame but legitimate legends like Led Zeppelin are no where to be found there. One California Zeppelin fan is hoping to change that.

Rocky Dickerson of Chico, California launched a new website ledzeppelinstar.com to help Led Zeppelin to get the recognition they deserve. The statement on the site says "We are starting a campaign to get Led Zeppelin a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Letters have been sent to the group and their management requesting written approval to begin the drive.

"Contact has been made with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and they have supplied all the information needed. Please sign the online petition and keep your fingers crossed!"

We've not sure how much a petition will help the effort since these stars usually come down to money but it can't hurt. Rocky says in his mission statement that his "goal is to honor [Led Zeppelin] with a star in a completely fan-driven campaign." So you can do your part by checking out the site and signing the petition - here!

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