Is Axl Rose Really A Monster?

(antiMusic) We've all read press accounts of Axl Rose's craziness and alleged exploits. But just how true are these tales? Is Axl really the monster he has been made out to be? Or is it exaggeration? Former Guns N' Roses drummer Josh Freese recently spoke about the real Axl vs the perceived version of Axl.

Josh Freese hasn't been a member of GNR for nearly a decade (he left to become a founding member of A Perfect Circle) but the press is still fascinated with "Crazy" Axl stories, so it's no surprise that Spinner.com broached the subject with him. "Everyone always baits me to give them a crazy Axl story. I don't really have any," he told the online pub. "I spent two years in a studio with him [and] I never saw any mood swings. He was never not cool to me. So, I am always quick to defend the guy, even though I know his reality is different than mine. Then again, everyone has a different reality."

Freese auditioned for Axl's new version of GNR in 1997, albeit a little reluctantly. "I was pretty busy at the time, so I didn't really need the job necessarily," he says. "Then I decided that I should go down there because I wanted to meet him. At the time, no one had seen him for a couple of years and there were all these rumors. He had become the Howard Hughes of rock 'n' roll and I wanted to see it. I went down and I liked him. He wasn't the monster that was painted of him."
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