Myspace Leaks Doves Album

(PR) MySpace Music proudly presents Doves' new album, "Kingdom of Rust." MySpace users can now stream the entire album exclusively for free before it goes on sale on April 7. The album will be featured on the band's official MySpace Music profile.

"Kingdom of Rust" is the critically-acclaimed and beloved British trio's first album in four years. The album delivers Doves' most intimate and cerebral album to date. Comprised of brothers Jez and Andy Williams, and Jimi Goodwin, the band has been recording the album for the past 18 months, having ensconced themselves to a farm house-come-studio in Cheshire, England. They teamed up with long-time Doves collaborator Dan Austin to co-produce all but two tracks on the album. For the additional two tracks, "10.03" and "Winter Hill," the group worked with ace producer John Leckie (Stone Roses, Radiohead).

For more information about Doves and to stream "Kingdom of Rust" in its entirety, please visit their official MySpace Music profile: - http://www.myspace.com/dovesmyspace

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