Senate Anti Scalping Bill

(Billboard) With the backdrop of this morning's second round of U2 tickets for their fall concert in New York, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer unveiled new legislation to improve fans' chances of getting tickets at face price and crack down on ticket resellers.

The legislation imposes a two-day waiting period from when tickets go on sale via an authorized sales channel before a ticket reseller can buy those tickets to put on the secondary market, according to a press release. [So fans will have to wait a couple days to pay the inflated prices for the tickets that were set aside for the scalpers. Typical Washington non-solution.]

Schumer's legislation is geared to help ensure fans get first crack at good seats at face value prices before ticket resellers buy up tickets to sell on the secondary market. [Again, does this prevent the "set asides" of choice tickets for the scalping market? No, but it gets a Senator some press. ] - more on this story

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