Acid Drinkers Vile Vicious Fishdick Connection

(MMP) On the 27th April Metal Mind Productions will release another batch of Acid Drinkers' re-issues. "Vile Vicious Vision", "Fishdick" and "Infernal Connection" will be available in a new digipak edition, each one limited to 1000 copies. The material was digitally remastered using 24-Bit process.

"Vile Vicious Vision" - Acid Drinkers' fourth full-length album from 1993. It features a Kiss cover "And Then She Kissed Me". The digipak edition includes bonus tracks: 1 live and 2 video tracks.

"Fishdick" - Acid Drinkers' fifth full-length album from 1994. The album includes almost exclusively covers of Kiss, AC/DC, Motorhead, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, NoMeansNo, Slade, Deep Purple and Flapjack. The new edition includes 1 bonus track.

"Infernal Connection" - a re-release of Acid Drinkers' sixth full-length album from 1994. The album is considered to be their best effort. The digipak edition includes bonus tracks: 4 remixes of the track "Slow And Stoned/Method of Yonashi".

Acid Drinkers are to this day the best and the most spectacular thrash metal band in Poland. During their long and eventful career they played over 1000 concerts, including still well remembered gigs at Jarocin festival, Metalmania, Węgorzewo, Przystanek Woodstock or Odjazdy. They supported such metal giants as Deep Purple, Megadeth, Bruce Dickinson, Sepultura, Paradise Lost, and Slayer. Acid Drinkers won a Fryderyk Award (Polish equivalent of Grammy Award) in 1998, 2000 and 2004 for "Best Hard & Heavy Act".

Metal Mind Productions set the release date for 27th April in Europe and 14th July in USA (via MVD).

"Vile Vicious Vision" (remastered + bonus tracks)
1. Zero
2. (Voluntary) Kamikaze Club
3, Vile Vicious Vision
4. Pizza Driver
5. Under The Gun
6. Marian, Is A Metal Guru
7. Murzyn Mariusz
8. Balbinattor Edzy
9. Then She Kissed Me
10. Hats Off (2 This Lady)
11. Polish Blood
12. You Freeze Me
13. Midnight Visitor

Bonus tracks:
14. Pizza Driver (live '96)
15. Midnight Visitor (videoclip)
16. Pizza Driver (videoclip)

"Fishdick" (remastered + bonus tracks)
1. Ace Of Spades
2. Oh, no! Bruno
3. Deuce
4. N.I.B
5, Another Brick In The Wall
6. Whole Lotta Rosie
7. Run Run away
8. ----in' The Tiger
9. Highway Star
10. Ballada

Bonus track:
11. N.I.B (radio edit)

"Infernal Connection" (remastered + bonus tracks)
1. Hiperenigmatic Stuff Of Mr. Nothing
2. Anybody Hime?!
3. The Joker
4. Track Time 66.6 sec
5. Drug Dealer
6. Slow And Stoned / Method Of Yonashi
7. Dancing In The Slaughter - House
8. IQ Cyco
9. Backyard Bandit
10. Infernal Connection
11. Konsument

Bonus tracks:
12. Slow And Stoned / Methid of Yonashi - Bonar Remix
13. Slow And Stoned / Methid of Yonashi - Techno Jarogniew Remix
14. Slow And Stoned / Methid of Yonashi - Bonar Club Remix
15. Slow And Stoned / Methid of Yonashi - Acid Studio Praca wygłup

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